Online sessions have become an increasingly popular practice in coaching and therapy.

People living abroad, not well enough to travel, and those that wish to have a therapist who is not based in the same location for confidentiality reasons are welcome.


Advantages of Online Sessions


  • Flexible hours
  • Comfort of Your home
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Saving time and money on comuting
  • Ideal for Clients, who struggle with face to face contact
  • Perfect solution for people who often travel


Can Online session be as effective as face to face consultation?

  • Research shows that Online Sessions can be as effective and clients are highly satisfied with the results.
  • Clients and therapist are able to establish a good relationship just as they would do in person.


How do I arrange a Zoom /telephone consultation?

  • You can contact me either by phone or e-mail, and we agree on a date and time for our session. I would contact you via Zoom on the day of the session. If you require telephone consultation this option is also available. 



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