Have you ever felt like relationships changing you into the person you no longer recognise? 


Do you consider yourself highly ambitious, you are successful in your career but cannot seem to find a fulfilling relationship? 


You are at a point when you almost gave up on relationships and it’s really difficult for you to let someone in again. Your professional life, hobbies are taking up so much time that you postpone your dream of having a partner and settling down. 


It’s really difficult for you to find someone who you feel comfortable with, someone who inspires you and make you feel alive.


I wonder if you recognise any of these patterns in your previous relationships 


  • You rush into relationships
  • You had quite a few relationships but “ something was always missing”
  • You tend to focus on your partner’s needs , giving so much, receiving so little in return and losing yourself in a process
  • You attract partners who don’t want to commit 
  • You may have dated married women/men or people who were struggling with addictions
  • You don’t know how to get through to your partner and often feel misunderstood so you simply stop communicating 
  • You go from being passive to blowing up out of helplessness 
  • You have tried self help books, therapy but nothing seem to work
  • Your relationships often follow push- pull pattern 
  • Your relationships are an emotional rollercoaster 
  • You are generally quite confident but in relationships your self doubt is really kicking in
  • You find yourself either overly keen or uninterested 
  • You have felt emotionally manipulated
  • Your relationships changing you into the person you no longer recognise 



I have a feeling that you understand the cause of your suffering in relationships but you still don't know how to overcome self-doubt , fear or pain from the past and most importantly how to attract different caliber partners ! 


I specialise in working with highly ambitious professionals who are not succeeding in the area of relationships. 


If you are ready for a revolution in your  love life, enrol to my

“ Relationship Ready” Coaching Package. 


In 10 hourly sessions you will learn how to: 


  • heal from disappointment, guilt, shame
  • balance your feminine/masculine energy
  • strength your self esteem
  • open your heart and let someone in again
  • show up in relationships as your best self
  • spot red flags, evaluate potential partners so you make better choices 
  • form solid & fulfilling relationships 
  • learn boundaries 
  • master non violent communication


Next Coaching Programme starts very soon . 

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